Thursday, 25 March 2010

Decorative Type Designs... my own

Okay, thought I'd post up a bit of what is occupying my every waking thought (and sometimes my unconscious thoughts: the other night I kicked Amy in the shin in my sleep dreaming about whether to have m margins at 8 or 10mm... I need to finish this Masters).

So the project is called 'High Street' and as part of it I have created logos/pictograms of the shops on my chosen High Streets. I've also had a go in the last couple of days at some decorative typeface to use somewhere in the project. I thought I'd make the most of this blog malarkey and share it with whoever is interested... ahem.

These are the first ones I tried, 'inspired' by Michael C Place's poster for the film'Objectified'. The problem with the first two is they're not very clear so decided to use the logos within their square frames allowing me to define the edge of the type.
I still thought the third attempt wasn't as legible as I'd like so decided to use the same square shapes, in black and in a grid. So here's the finished article (I think)...
Still not 100% on it so thought I'd see if anyone's got any views on it?

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