Thursday, 29 April 2010

I've been Letterpressing!

Hello again,

I was lucky enough to have a weeks work in a working (victorian) letterpress print shop. I absolutely loved it and I must thank all the people at Blists Hill Victorian Town who helped me along the way. The pasties, chips and bitter were amazing. My 'gaffer' for the week was Martin who is a keen photographer so HERE are some f his photos, top bloke he is.

I used to go there as a wee lad and went on several school trips so it was weird to be there working as an adult. It was great to be surrounded by the large wooden type and to use the tiny metal type to typeset was, although a long process, a thoroughly rewarding one. I did have to dress up as a victorian printer's apprentice for the week which was a little off putting but I strangely got used to it quicker than I thought I would.

Anyway, it was a bloody tragedy that I had to come back to me desk on the Monday morning after spending a week learning a craft that, despite a recent resurgence in interest, is still sadly dying out. I'm now on eBay everyday looking for an Adana printing press, I'll let you know when I get one


  1. Mate, there seems to be quite a few sites selling used machines. Found a listing here. It was placed almost a year ago but still seems to be up;

    Also there is one on Ebay in America. Local pickup only but you could ask him to investigate shipping rates,

  2. How much fun did you have! Quite fancy a bit of that myself. Good work