Thursday, 6 May 2010

Got, got, got, need

I'm a big footy fan and come to think of it I haven't mentioned the fact that the might, mighty Wolverhampton Wanderers have just about earned another season in the Premiership. I never thought I'd see the day a Wolves team played football that didn't have me clawing at the screen. The West Ham match was a truly momentous occasion in my life.

Should be a good year for football what with the World Cup as well and while on the Creative Review blog I found this little gem which harks back to my days of collecting football stickers. I managed to complete the 1995 edition but I had to go to one of those events where everyone takes their swaps and you complete the collection. I didn't even make it into the venue and instead hounded some kid who had a CD tower size stack of swap in the car park. Great days.

Anyway, this guy, Elliot Quince has hand painted some of his own stickers. 'Got, got, got, need' is exhibiting at The Offside Gallery in Islington. Might have to take a look, me thinks

Come on England...and Wolves

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  1. well done to Wolves! I was pretty chuffed the other night, beating Man City for 4th spot. We were watching it in the pub and I was screaming like an idiot.

    I had a few stickers I got for free from magazines like 'Shoot' and '90 Minutes' (did you ever buy those?), but never collected. These paintings are great :-) I've just done a test for The Times doing England team caricatures - it was fun!