Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Beauty and the Bustle

I went for a look around an exhibition in my hometown of Telford last week entitled 'The Beauty and the Bustle'. It was by two artists, Becky Lance and Harriet Sullivan, who had produced pieces that were, amongst others, inspired by the Shropshire countryside and it's lovely little towns. I grew up in Telford which wasn't the prettiest place to live and you sometimes took for granted how beautiful the countryside around it was. When I moved away I really missed being able to nip out towards Ludlow and Much Wenlock on a day out and to have a quick pint in Coalbrookdale. I presume these two feel similarly about.

What was also great about it was that two locals had showed the enthusiasm and creativity to put on a exhibition that had a contemporary feel to it. Telford isn't known for it's artists. It's known for roundabouts, shit nightclubs, and an ice rink so it's good to know that some people back in Telford are keeping the creativity flowing, nice one...

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