Monday, 4 October 2010

Masters Finished!

So, I've finally finished my Masters and got my life back. That's pretty much the reason the updates on the old bloggage has been so scarce. I really have been working my arse off for the past year as I really wanted to produce a piece of work I could be proud of. Well, it worked as I got my grades back from the last submission and I achieved a 'Distinction'... not just a distinction mind, I got an A1 which means I couldn't get any higher!

You must allow me this small nugget of arrogance with this post. As Amy will testify, I've put a lot of effort into it so it was a major relief and a real boost to the old confidence to see those two characters next to my name.

It'll be a couple more weeks before I hear about the overall grade I achieved for the Masters but I'll be sure to brag about it when I find out.

Life is good at the minute. Amy is getting along swimmingly with her teaching training (GTP), I've got a new job with a digital signage/web design company called Beaver Group, and I'm able to do things like watch TV, play XBox, go down the pub, and read a book that isn't about Graphic Design all guilt free. The flip side to this though is that I realize I haven't had to sit through adverts for about 12 months as the only things I've been watching have been SkyPlussed. Hence I go into a rage when I am forced to hear that bloody Go Compare song.

My front and back door are still leaking as well...

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