Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Riccardo Guasco

I stumbled accross an illustrator/Designer by the name of Riccardo Guasco earlier through the Creative Review blog and spent a good while looking at his whole website. When that happens it's always a good sign to share it with others. His illustrations of cyclists are fantastic, as are his images of birds... his logo and identity stuff are great as well... oh, just go there yourselves and have a look

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Harry Pearce D&AD Presidents Lecture

Last night I was privilaged enough to be at the Harry Pearce talk last night for D&AD and it was a truly inspiring evening. The way that Harry talked about his work and his ideas really boosted me in thinking that this is the right course for me and that I should continue doing what I'm doing.

He showed a huge range of fantastic work from the less serious stuff such as his typographic conundrums to his extrememly important work for Witness. I think my particular favourite was his work on the Dana Centre in which he beautifully mixed typography with Architecture. The night even had the appearance of a rock legend with Peter Gabriel introducing Harry's Witness work.

What will stay with me the most from the evening will be of how fondly Harry talked of his working relationship and friendship with Alan Fletcher. Alan was a huge fan of the quirky photos that Harry takes and if Alan Fletcher thinks it's a good idea, I'll keep on doing it.

Harry left s with some words of Alan's at the end of the evening, so I'll do the same...

"The world is full of flowers, if you have the eyes to see them"

Melissa Price - Motorway Posters

I found a site called Print Process while on the CRBlog and stumbled accross these amzing posters by Melissa Price. The site is brilliant as well as it allows people with not very much cash (me!) to have a lovely print by people like Melissa, James Joyce, Blam, and Build for a decent price.

I was really drawn to the Motorway posters as they reflect some of my feelings about appreciating the everyday and celebrating the things that you use/do/spend time on/with/around like motorways. My particular favourite is M1 Junc19 as it's one that Amy and I use quite regularly on ourt trips up to the Midlands. Melissa has also produced a hand screenprinted book entitled M1 which celebrates 50 years of the motorway that's worth a look as well. Go and check the rest of the posters out and try not to find out which exits you've used...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Printing at Dekkle

I spent yesterday evening at Dekkle Print Studio. They specialise in Fine Art printmaking but for some reason they've let me do some of my childish designs and some letterpress printing every Wednesday night.

It's a great place and they're having a Winter Open Day/Fair on November 27th 11am - 5pm so if you're about please do take a look. They've got bits and pieces to sell and they're running a few little workshops as well so it's well worth it.

Last night David (Borrington) and Hideki (Arichi) were printing these leaflets to advertise the day and they kindly let me print a few. It felt good to be doing some printing again as I haven't done any since working at Blists Hill.

I also managed to carve a design I've been working on into a lino block and print off several copies of this cheeky little devil. Watch this space for more, I ordered a bigger piece of lino the other day...

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thibaud Herem

I found the work of Thibaud Herem while doing my masters and spent ages looking through his website. I loved his drawing style and the way his hand-bound his books. When creating my own books for my masters I always had the way he approached his work in the back of my mind. Anyway, after that initial look I forgot to bookmark his site and spent more time than I would have liked with google typing French-like names attempting to find this site again.

I decided as a safe guard to post his work here, it is beautiful...

Upside Down Portraits

Saw these on the Illusion 360 blog and thought they were brilliant. A simple twist (pun!) on photography portraits, the subjects are suspended in the air so their eyes are blood shot and their cheeks look a bit weird.

They're the work of Brandan Voge and you can see the rest here...

Calligraphy by Hermann Zapf

I saw this video on the 'It's Nice That' blog and it inspired me to promptly buy a Calligraphy starter set from eBay. It takes a while to get going but the craftmanship that Zapf shows is amazing.

I'm really keen on handmade lettering so hopefully along with the letterpress venture, which is in its initial stages, and with some calligraphy skills I'll be a wedding invitation machine.

Oh and I got engaged in October so the wedding invitations are sorted...

The Art of Hermann Zapf from Johnny Dib on Vimeo.