Thursday, 25 November 2010

Harry Pearce D&AD Presidents Lecture

Last night I was privilaged enough to be at the Harry Pearce talk last night for D&AD and it was a truly inspiring evening. The way that Harry talked about his work and his ideas really boosted me in thinking that this is the right course for me and that I should continue doing what I'm doing.

He showed a huge range of fantastic work from the less serious stuff such as his typographic conundrums to his extrememly important work for Witness. I think my particular favourite was his work on the Dana Centre in which he beautifully mixed typography with Architecture. The night even had the appearance of a rock legend with Peter Gabriel introducing Harry's Witness work.

What will stay with me the most from the evening will be of how fondly Harry talked of his working relationship and friendship with Alan Fletcher. Alan was a huge fan of the quirky photos that Harry takes and if Alan Fletcher thinks it's a good idea, I'll keep on doing it.

Harry left s with some words of Alan's at the end of the evening, so I'll do the same...

"The world is full of flowers, if you have the eyes to see them"

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