Thursday, 25 November 2010

Melissa Price - Motorway Posters

I found a site called Print Process while on the CRBlog and stumbled accross these amzing posters by Melissa Price. The site is brilliant as well as it allows people with not very much cash (me!) to have a lovely print by people like Melissa, James Joyce, Blam, and Build for a decent price.

I was really drawn to the Motorway posters as they reflect some of my feelings about appreciating the everyday and celebrating the things that you use/do/spend time on/with/around like motorways. My particular favourite is M1 Junc19 as it's one that Amy and I use quite regularly on ourt trips up to the Midlands. Melissa has also produced a hand screenprinted book entitled M1 which celebrates 50 years of the motorway that's worth a look as well. Go and check the rest of the posters out and try not to find out which exits you've used...

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