Thursday, 11 November 2010

Printing at Dekkle

I spent yesterday evening at Dekkle Print Studio. They specialise in Fine Art printmaking but for some reason they've let me do some of my childish designs and some letterpress printing every Wednesday night.

It's a great place and they're having a Winter Open Day/Fair on November 27th 11am - 5pm so if you're about please do take a look. They've got bits and pieces to sell and they're running a few little workshops as well so it's well worth it.

Last night David (Borrington) and Hideki (Arichi) were printing these leaflets to advertise the day and they kindly let me print a few. It felt good to be doing some printing again as I haven't done any since working at Blists Hill.

I also managed to carve a design I've been working on into a lino block and print off several copies of this cheeky little devil. Watch this space for more, I ordered a bigger piece of lino the other day...

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