Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I'm now becoming known as 'The Icon Kid' at work which aint a bad work if you can get it I suppose. To live up to this new found infamy here's another icon related post. I discovered the work of Iconwerk while trawling through ffffound and instantly loved it, go and have a look yourselves icon kids...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Charley in New Town

I'm doing a project at work relating to Stevenage at the minute so in my research I found this beautifully animated and charming animation called Charley in New Town.

As I'm New Town born and bred as well it was interesting to see how these wonderful new places were projected in the early days. Especially as nowadays the realitites of places like Stevenage and Telford isn't quite so quaint...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Reverting to Type Exhibition @ Standpoint Gallery

The other exhibition we went to on Saturday was the equally awesome Reverting to Type at the Standpoint Gallery. The designs and typography on display were truly beautiful. As letterpress is so labour and time intensive it was truly inspiringto see some of the work that contemporary printers are working on, it's really raised the bar as to what I thought possible with the process.

At the minute though I'll stick to me big chunky graphics and left aligned, one size, maybe two if there's a heading, typography. More of that to come but until then look at this lot who can do it proper...

Isotype: international picture language @ The V&A Museum

I dragged Amy around a couple of exhibitions on Saturday but luckily she really enjoyed them! Mainly because they were excellent. The Isotype exhibition at the V&A was the perfect thing for me. I really enjoyed reducing designs down to their purest and most simple form during my MA logo design sessions so I was able to really appreciate and admire the designs on show here. Clean, bold, simple and charming... awesome