Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Beyond Pattern Exhibition

While at the University of Herts, screenprinting, I stumbled upon the Beyond Pattern exhibition. It's full of some fantastic work that are bold, bright, intriguing, and demanding of a closer look. A couple of the pieces that caught my eye were Nisha Duggal's Wherever you are in the world you take up the same volume of space which from afar attracted me because of the use of pixels to create an image. Upon closer inspection you realise that each pixel is carefully constructed in ink by hand. Amazing.

The other piece was 'Blue Stockings' by Catherine Bertola. Which again featured intricacy at a level I would never be able to replicate in my own work. From afar they look like pieces of lace or in this case stockings but when close to the image you see that each thread of lace has been drawn to create the pattern in the fabric.

Beyond Pattern is on until 30th April at the University so I recommend a visit if you can make it

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