Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ghost typography and the awesomeness of nature... in Telford

On a recent weekend back in Telford I discovered these little gems on a quick trip to the cash point.

Said cash point was on Madeley High Street which is going through a fair bit of regeneration at the minute. A massive new Tesco has moved in and 'improved' the top of the high street. (aesthetically it looks a lot better and me mother loves having a Tesco down the road but I've yet to hear the effect the regeneration is having on the community and more importantly rental prices). Anyway, I've passed the house with the typography on the side more times than I can remember but never taken a photo of it. With all this re-generation in the area and with the prescence of Tesco I thought I'd take the opprtunity to record it. And what a lovely piece it is as well.

The other snaps are of some recently 'pruned' hedges round the back of the bank. The tree has obviously grown through the railings and either the workman couldn't be bothered to get rid of it completely or nature just showed them who's boss. Either way it made me smile...

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