Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pick Me Up graphic arts fair

Myself, James, Doug and Hayley went to the Pick Me Up Graphics Art Fair on Thursday to see a talk by Anthony Burrill and to have a butchers around the fair itself.

There was a huge amount of lovely stuff to look at, I think if we all had enough money, we would have walked away with armfuls of poster tubes. It was also massively busy, which is a little annoying when you want to wander around and take your time looking at the beautiful work, but it's great that contemporary work and the artists that create it have an event to display and sell their work. This is the second year of the fair and I can only presume that next year it will be even bigger... as will the facial hair and the gaps between shoes and trouser bottoms of the visitors.

Some stand out artists for me were:

Stefanie Posavec - Some beautiful and intricate data visualisations using literature
Jessica Hische - Awesome typography, paricularly the letterpress alphabet
Kate Moross - The gorgeous pixelated diamond
Nigel Peake - Some delicate, beautiful and colourful illustrations
Anthony Burrill - His talk was brilliant and his work is even better. The owl and 'I like it. What is it' are still my favourites
James Graham - Some awesome infographics and pictograms
Zara Wood - I couldn't take my eyes off her Top Hat Tinker print
Jez Burrows - Found in the Evening Tweed room with the Gocco prints. He has an illustrative style which mixes bold infographics and icons with nostalgic methods of production... and I'm all over that.

There was also some really nice pictograms pointing me towards the toilets so I thought I'd give them a bit of attention as well.

Anyway, please excuse the poor/out of focus/pink photography. My phone, as I'm constantly being told at work, is not as good as an iPhone...

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