Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lithographic prints for Æsir

I've been meaning to post these images up for weeks and finally managed to pull my finger out and get it done today. These posters by Tom Hingston Studio are for a luxury Danish mobile phone company called Æsir. They've been printed at Edition Copenhagen, a lithographic workshop and are being given to customers who buy one of their €42,000 (!) handsets. Lithograph prints are created by transferring the colours onto the paper from another surface, in this case highly polished stone. It's a technique I've never really investigated so know very little about but, in this form, it sounds an incredibly painstaking and expensive technique. I saw these images on the CR Blog which has some more images and information.

I was just struck by how brilliantly vibrant, bold and simple the images are. As always, I think if you're aware, as a viewer, that the the method of printing is an intricate and highly skilled one, it gives the imagery a certain life and personality that cannot be acheived with a digital printer. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

Oh, and it's wedding invites next on my to-do list so expect some updates soon... 

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