Friday, 14 March 2014

John Cooper Clarke: A Plethora of Performance Poetry

Me and the missus went to see John Cooper Clarke at Letchworth Arts Centre earlier this month and were treated to a fantastic night of performance poetry. I've been a massive fan of John Cooper Clarke since I heard 'Evidently Chickentown' on the ending of the penultimate Sopranos episode.. Thankfully he was as funny, enigmatic, effortless, professional, and as cool as my high expectations had expected.

The Letchworth Arts Centre venue was tiny so you really felt you were witnessing a treat in such an intimate environment. This feeling was made even better by the support acts, Mike Garry & Luke Wright who were equally as awe-inspiring as Johnny. Particular highlights for me were Mike Garry's eulogy for his mother 'What me Mam Taught Me' who had passed away the previous year; a truly heartfelt yet uplifting piece. Luke Wright's 'Houses that used to be Boozers' and his poem for his son Sam were also incredible pieces of work.

John is performing high and wide this year so head over to his website for more details. Mike and Luke are supporting him on a number of dates throughout the year.

To portray this night visually, I've decided to chuck in a few videos that show the men themselves.

First off, here's one of my favourite John Cooper Clarke poems, the alliteration masterpiece, 'The Pest' is Mike Garry's 'God is a Manc'

...and finally, Luke Wright's 'The Company of Men'